Full Color Your Bedroom with Purple Valance

Dec 28th

You can design a full-color purple valance, matching all the colors of the elements in space conscious. Think through color scheme for the entire bedroom, not just paint on the walls, but the colors of curtains, bedding, carpets, paintings, furniture and other accessories. Consider what you want from the colors of the bedroom, study color yourself, choose colors that work for you (check for unchanging color elements in the room), choose a basic color scheme, and work up a full-color bedroom design.

Purple Valance 2016 Image
Purple Valance 2016 Image

Learn the basics of color theory and psychology of color. You will find that the color wheel has three primary colors or shades (blue, red and yellow) and three secondary colors purple valance. These basic shades can be light or dark (neutral), dark or light (pastel). The colors from the blue side, is considered cool, from the red side warm. Match color from the opposite side of the wheel, e.g., lavender and light yellow, the complementary colors. Warm colors tend to stimulate, cool colors to calm.

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Work your basic bedroom colors and unchangeable colors in a variety of full color schemes by looking at the bedroom photos and designs in interior design magazines, advertisements and books. Consider themes such as flowers, beach, carnival, forest, tropical or boudoir. Look at the paint chips and fabric swatches. Remember that complementary colors work well, and it makes groupings of colors close together on the color wheel. Choose your favorite full-color purple valance. Pulling out the bedroom colors with crayons on paper or use colored construction paper and paste to more clearly make your vision. Adjust the color scheme until you are happy.