clouds over the desert

welcome clouds

If I was one of those who made rigid plans and itineraries, I’d be a miserable wreck by now. Luckily my plans are fluid and I can adjust them on the fly.

My plan was to head up into higher country for a few weeks, look over a few areas before going to LA, and then deciding my next moves from there. My Jeep decided otherwise though. I just spent a couple of days (and a couple hundred bucks) in Indio doing a little car repair. Hence, my traveling funds vanished and I’m back out in the desert for those few weeks, which is fine. At least my pony seems to be healthy again.

My next stop after leaving here will be LA. My daughter is finishing her first year of college, and things are still undecided whether she’s going to transfer to the Bay area for next year or finish her second year in LA. It remains to be seen how those details fall into place. Her plans are as fluid as mine. If she moves I’ll stick around to close the apartment. If she stays I’ll move on to whatever comes next.

My plan has been to head to Montana for the summer but that may not happen. It’ll depend on the old money thing. I might just end up roaming the higher country here in California. If that’s the way it plays out I’ll be fine with it. There are plenty of places to explore here. As much as I love Montana, it’s not the only great place. There’s a lot more wild country in California than I can get to know in my lifetime. If I can range farther, fine. If not, that’s fine too. I’ll just stay open to whatever works out.

So, there’s a brief update on what’s happening around here. Posting is, and will be, a bit erratic for awhile. I’m mostly doing things on my phone and it’s not the handiest way to work. I got a little stylus for this tiny touch pad which makes it easier, but it’s still slow. I’m mostly doing quick bits on twitter and instagram, with an occasional update here. It’ll likely stay that way for now.

If I make it to Montana this summer that’ll be great. If I end up staying around here, that’s cool too. I love the desert and I love the mountains. California has plenty of both. I’ll make the most of wherever I am. Take care…

hot desert sun

hot desert sun

It’s getting pretty damn hot out here in the desert already — many days around 90 degrees. The sun is getting higher in the sky too, and the only shade I have is my hat. I need to start following the season northward, or to higher elevations, and soon. Besides… my feet are starting to itch.

I’m starting to look into the possibilities for some dispersed camping in the Angeles and San Bernardino National Forests for a month or two. If you’ve done it, or have any thoughts or ideas or experiences, I’d love to hear about it…



This has to be about the coolest warning sign I've seen since the ones up in Montana with moose on them...

In a few short weeks I expect to be leaving the desert and moving on to what's in store next. I don't know yet what that'll be. More changes...

Another likely change will entail this blog. I'm archiving everything and I'm going to take a little time to decide what I'll do with it.

I'll probably be rotating some recent, and maybe not so recent, posts from the archives below this one for awhile as I'm in the throes of putting the next steps together.

Stay tuned...



To be aware of the history and the accepted standards of your chosen medium but not be bound by them… to be willing to experiment with new tools and techniques and ideas… to not only think outside the box, but to ignore the box altogether… to keep an open mind to different philosophies and ways of working…to me these are the cornerstones of a rich, rewarding, creative life as an artist.

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